1  Boardwalk Anthem

2  Don’t Go

3  No Easy Way

4  When We Were Smokin’

5  The Raggedy Hat of John Henry

6  Sweet Salvation

7  Where Am I Going

8  Don't Go (King J-Lar dub)


Teague Alexy - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar on The Raggedy Hat of John Henry & No Easy Way

Eric Pollard - drums, percussion, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, glockenspiel, synths

Steve Garrington - bass, piano, organ, synths

Jake Hanson - electric guitar, slide guitar

Jake Larson - sound engineering, mixing & mastering

Erik Koskinen - additional electric guitar & sound engineering on When We Were Smokin’

Marc Gartman - additional backing vocals on Where Am I Going

Recorded at Sacred Heart Studios (Duluth, MN), Clubhouse Studios (Duluth, MN) and Real-Phonic Studios (Minneapolis, MN)

Produced & arranged by Pancho & Lefty Productions (Eric Pollard & Steve Garrington)

All songs written by Teague Alexy for Consider It Correspondence Music (ASCAP)

Photography, Artwork & Design - Joshua Priestley


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