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Another Musical Masterpiece is Born On the Day of the Dead BY DOUG MACROSTIe

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Born On The Day Of The Dead

Ian Thomas Alexy born on the Catholic holiday All Saints Day, November first, which is the first Day Of The Dead. The Day Of The Dead occurs on November first and second and is a holiday in which people honer the memories of loved ones past and celebrate the passage into the next realm. It is more the celebration of the spirit rather than the morning of lost life.

After spending much of the last three years touring with his brother Teague Alexy, in Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank, Ian found himself worn out by the endless travel combined with the steady consumption of alcohol that goes along living on the road and performing in clubs and bars. Alexy hit a low point at the beginning of a tour in 2009. After a dispute with a club owner over money owed to the band, in an intoxicated state and severely frustrated, Ian punched a wall and fractured his right hand. He was forced to finish out the tour, and although he could still pick the guitar with the fractured hand, getting through the shows was excruciating. Ian has since cut alcohol out of his life and refocussed his musical goals as a solo artist and with Hobo Nephews. “I love making music and performing for people and never want to put that in jeopardy again. Performing to me is a very emotional experience, and with alcohol sometimes those emotions can get out of control.”

It has been a long musical journey for the still young Ian Thomas Alexy that began long before Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank. After three semesters studying jazz at Bostons’ Berklee College of Music Ian transferred to the radical liberal arts school Goddard, which is nestled away in the woods of central Vermont. Goddard College was a hotbed of musical activity, where visiting artists included legendary folk musician Dave Van Ronk and free jazz pioneers The Sun Ra Arkestra. Ian studied musicology, literature and jazz composition. He even spent a field semester studying music in West Africa, where he took guitar and drumming lessons from native Ghanaian musicians. Upon graduating from Goddard, Ian moved to Burlington Vermont and quickly went about making a living playing in several rock and jazz ensembles and performing as a solo singer songwriter.

Since moving to Minnesota in 2004 Ian Thomas Alexy has produced three solo records, three records with Hobo Nephews, and has produced records for other artists as well. This experience in the studio in addition to playing hundreds of shows in Minnesota and on the road, has all led to the creation of Born On The Day Of The Dead. These recordings show a renewed confidence and focus coupled with a child like sense of exploration.