Number One Contender captures Teague and Ian Thomas Alexy as the roots music front porch duo they envisioned when they started Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank seven years earlier.  Recorded on tape machine in an old church under the guidance of Rich Mattson, the Hobo Nephews retreat deep into the north woods with a musical confidence earned through long tours.  The songs are about an America they have seen first hand.  Number One Contender captures the stomping, good time spirit and energy of a Hobo Nephew’s live show.  "Loose, lively song rave-ups, timeless songwriting chops and masterful guitar work,” says Star Tribune. “Easily one of the best Minnesota-made albums of the year."

"It was an old Iron Range church-turned-studio in Timberwolf country under a full moon," says Teague Alexy. "My voice felt pretty good, we'd been playing well live, we had plenty of brand new songs. As soon as we walked into that old church we surrendered to it."

The fifteen songs on Number One Contender were recorded live to tape in a mere five days. Teague and Ian's New Jersey origins give them a clear understanding of the big-hearted underdog. This combined with the patience of rural Northern Minnesota and the tempo of the open road has provided a unique perspective. Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank's emerging strength, however, is the perseverance and know-how to develop an original American sound as platform for two distinct American voices.