'Down The Line' (Live)

by Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank

Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank perform 'Down The Line' from their new album American Shuffle at Bayfront Park in Duluth, Minnesota on July 11 2015.   Brothers Ian and Teague Alexy are joined by longtime drummer/percussionist Paul Grill and violinist Ryan Young.  Paul Grill recorded and performed with Hobo Nephews from 2007 to 2010.  Paul is now joining the group for special performances including the upcoming 10th Anniversary Shows Friday, December 11th at The Turf Club in St. Paul, MN and Saturday, December 12th at The Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, MN.  Ryan Young will also be joining the group for the 10th Anniversary shows.  Ryan produced the group's latest record American Shuffle and played on Hobo Nephew albums Number One Contender, Traveling Show and Sing!.