Less than 24 hours after the April 21 release of new Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank album American Shuffle, the national sports media began providing extensive coverage of the song Old Number Four. Though not mentioned by name, the song is an homage to retired NFL legend Brett Favre. 

CBSSports.com broke the story on Wednesday, April 22 - one day after the release of American Shuffle. Within 24 hours Old Number Four had over 20,000 YouTube hits as coverage quickly spread to local, regional and national news outlets including ESPN, NBC, FOX, Star Tribune, Green Bay Press Gazette, Duluth News Tribune and The Jim Rome Show. 


"Brett Favre has his own theme song.  Old Number Four does a pretty good job of summing up Favre's Ol Gunslinger mentality." - CBSSports.com

"Feeling the highs of Brett Favre's magic and the depths of his lows" - Star Tribune / Video

"Favre's passion for the game inspired the song" - Ian Alexy on NBC 26 Green Bay 

 "A beautiful ode to the gunslinger.  Both haunting and affectionate, Old Number Four pays homage to the former Green Bay Packers quarterback with Americana harmonica, harmonies and lyrics that capture a hero nearing the end of his run." - Green Bay Press Gazette

"Brett Favre apparently has an anthem.  A folk song about the folk hero." - Jim Rome


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