The new record by singer-songwriter, guitarist Ian Alexy is inhabited by misfit characters struggling to navigate their way in a morally complex world. The Deserters in this sense are not disloyal, just in need of escaping their surroundings for higher ground. This character driven approach to songwriting is exemplified in the infectious first single Misfits In Love which tells the story of three sets of unlikely lovers.

     Ian wrote the songs on Deserters while living in Minneapolis, just before moving to a more rural setting in nearby Wisconsin. “Now that I have some perspective on my time in Minneapolis I can see how much the city and it’s music affected my songwriting.”

     On the turntable, Ian was fueling his inspiration with Pretenders, Thin Lizzy and Tom Petty records which helped shape the style of the new EP. “The great thing about collecting old records on vinyl is hearing the obscure tracks that never made it to radio.” Alexy studied jazz composition at Berklee College Of Music and has a voracious appetite for songwriting.  

     The music’s authentic energy and grit  is delivered by Alexy’s Minneapolis based backing band The Deserters. Ian first shared the new songs with Fontenelle's leader and multi instrumentalist Dave Mehling, who adds keyboards, guitars and backing vocals to the record.  The line up is filled out by the rhythm section of Johnnie Timm on bass and Mike Cini on drums. Cini has long known Ian from his work with folk troubadours Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank and was surprised by the stylistic shift into rock n roll. After a few rehearsals Cini finally asked, “so when did you start writing songs that sound like The Cars?”

     The record was recorded by engineer and Apollo Cobra mastermind Dylan Nau. Dylan’s collection of vintage analog synthesizers were utilized on a couple of the tracks.  

     Having left Minneapolis, does Ian Alexy consider himself a Deserter?. “I think it is important to follow your own individual path in this world wherever it might lead you.”

     Ian Alexy And The Deserters will be celebrating the release of their new EP with The Federales, The Lowland Lakers and Teague Alexy at The Turf Club on Friday December 16.

DESERTERS will be available on CD, Streaming and Downloadable formats.


Ian Alexy and The Deserters
“Deserters” Record Release Show
with The Federales, The Lowland Lakers and special guest Teague Alexy
The Turf Club
Friday, December 16
8pm   $10  21+



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