Teague Alexy has never sounded better as his poetic songwriting is illuminated with the high-powered production of Eric Pollard (Actual Wolf) & Steve Garrington (Low).

Pre-order Circuit Sessions (CD or digital download) by the April 4, 2017 release date and receive an instant download of Boardwalk Anthem and an exclusive instant download of Teague Alexy's version of the Bob Dylan & The Band song Million Dollar Bash.

Read Teague's column about the recording and the history behind Boardwalk Anthem - the first single from Circuit Sessions and a tribute to Teague's hometown of Somers Point, NJ. 

Teague Alexy

Circuit Sessions

1  Boardwalk Anthem

2  Don’t Go

3  No Easy Way

4  When We Were Smokin’

5  The Raggedy Hat of John Henry

6  Sweet Salvation

7  Where Am I Going

8  Don't Go (King J-Lar dub)

Teague Alexy - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar on The Raggedy Hat of John Henry & No Easy Way

Eric Pollard - drums, percussion, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, glockenspiel, synths

Steve Garrington - bass, piano, organ, synths

Jake Hanson - electric guitar, slide guitar

Jake Larson - sound engineering, mixing & mastering

Erik Koskinen - additional electric guitar & sound engineering on When We Were Smokin’

Marc Gartman - additional backing vocals on Where Am I Going

Recorded at Sacred Heart Studios (Duluth, MN), Clubhouse Studios (Duluth, MN) and Real-Phonic Studios (Minneapolis, MN)

Produced & arranged by Pancho & Lefty Productions (Eric Pollard & Steve Garrington)

All songs written by Teague Alexy for Consider It Correspondence Music (ASCAP)

Photography, Artwork & Design - Joshua Priestley

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