Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank and Consider It Correspondence Records are proud to bring you the digital deluxe version of American Shuffle - now available wherever digital music is sold.

“4.5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended indie folk/roots rock” - Pittsburgh In Tune

”one of 2015’s most unexpected and refreshing records. A most welcome reprieve from the pretense that dominates far too much music these days it’s direct, earthy and one heck of a lot of fun.” - Rapid River Magazine

”their songs - insightful looks at our heroes, hopes, loves and dreams - are the backbone of their sound. American Shuffle is a fine reminder of what Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank are all about. Their songs lead the way, with poignant, colorful looks at life, and their musicianship is superb!” - Nashville Blues Society

“firm musicianship and an appealing homespun sound” - blog


American Shuffle digital deluxe track list:

1 . Everybody’s Got a Baby But Me

2. Down The Line

3. Over and Back Again

4. Low Flying Bird

5. When The Night Comes

6. Take This Town

7. Old Number Four

8. Down So Low

9. The Day Billy Martin Quits

10. Me, You and The Universe

11. There’s The Train, Here’s Your Ticket

12. Time To Move On (bonus studio track)

13. Nothing To Say About Love (bonus studio track)

14. Forever Takes So Long (bonus studio track)

15. Over and Back Again (demo)

16. Changed My Ways (Vail Sessions)

17. Time To Move On (Vail Sessions)

18. Low Flying Bird (Vail Sessions)