I am happy to announce that my new single 'The Moon And Stars' is now available on iTunes and most other digital music outlets. It is a dark folk song that was inspired by the late great singer songwriter Bert Jansch. I was lucky enough to see Jansch open for Neil Young just before he died. I am astounded by the beauty and by the heavy moods he is able to create in his work. Although this song is moody, it is certainly not entirely dark.

There is always hope my friends. "The moon and stars will carry out my will."

This track was recorded along with the other songs for my Born On The Day Of The Dead record. I recorded about 20 songs for that record and only used about half of them. That is not because I didn't think the other tracks were up to par, but because I was trying to create a record that breathes and flows as one piece, and doesn't seem like a compilation of random songs.

     This is the first time I have ever released a single on its own without an accompanying record. I am admittedly old school and I have always thought in terms entire records when releasing music. I grew up in the CD era and am always interested in hearing what an artist can do in long play recording, rather than just one song. So, I am way behind on the era of the digital single.

     I am still working on records. I am currently working on one with the Hobo Nephews and will continue work on my next solo effort after that. However, it is exciting to be able to release a digital track, because it has become so easy and cost efficient. Too many of my songs have gone unrecorded and unheard over the years. The digital world is at least giving me the option of releasing a larger body of work. So may this be the first of many! Have a great week everyone...thank you for your continued support!


Download The Moon & Stars on iTunes.

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