The new record by singer-songwriter, guitarist Ian Alexy is inhabited by misfit characters struggling to navigate their way in a morally complex world. The Deserters in this sense are not disloyal, just in need of escaping their surroundings for higher ground. This character driven approach to songwriting is exemplified in the infectious first single Misfits In Love which tells the story of three sets of unlikely lovers.

     Ian wrote the songs on Deserters while living in Minneapolis, just before moving to a more rural setting in nearby Wisconsin. “Now that I have some perspective on my time in Minneapolis I can see how much the city and it’s music affected my songwriting.”

     On the turntable, Ian was fueling his inspiration with Pretenders, Thin Lizzy and Tom Petty records which helped shape the style of the new EP. “The great thing about collecting old records on vinyl is hearing the obscure tracks that never made it to radio.” Alexy studied jazz composition at Berklee College Of Music and has a voracious appetite for songwriting.  

     The music’s authentic energy and grit  is delivered by Alexy’s Minneapolis based backing band The Deserters. Ian first shared the new songs with Fontenelle's leader and multi instrumentalist Dave Mehling, who adds keyboards, guitars and backing vocals to the record.  The line up is filled out by the rhythm section of Johnnie Timm on bass and Mike Cini on drums. Cini has long known Ian from his work with folk troubadours Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank and was surprised by the stylistic shift into rock n roll. After a few rehearsals Cini finally asked, “so when did you start writing songs that sound like The Cars?”

     The record was recorded by engineer and Apollo Cobra mastermind Dylan Nau. Dylan’s collection of vintage analog synthesizers were utilized on a couple of the tracks.  

     Having left Minneapolis, does Ian Alexy consider himself a Deserter?. “I think it is important to follow your own individual path in this world wherever it might lead you.”

     Ian Alexy And The Deserters will be celebrating the release of their new EP with The Federales, The Lowland Lakers and Teague Alexy at The Turf Club on Friday December 16.

DESERTERS will be available on CD, Streaming and Downloadable formats.


Ian Alexy and The Deserters
“Deserters” Record Release Show
with The Federales, The Lowland Lakers and special guest Teague Alexy
The Turf Club
Friday, December 16
8pm   $10  21+



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Ian Alexy Record Release Show

     Ian Alexy is celebrating the release of his new EP Deserters on December 16 at The Turf Club in St. Paul Minnesota.  Ian will be joined by his ace backing band The Deserters for this very special show.   The Federales, The Lowland Lakers and special guest Teague Alexy will all be part of the event.  

   Ian’s new material is heavily influenced by 70s rockers like Tom Petty and Neil Young.  So expect an energetic rock and roll show at the historic Turf Club.  Tickets are on sale now!


Boardwalk Anthem

Teague Alexy and Consider It Correspondence have released Teague's new single Boardwalk Anthem.

Teague's new Wisecracks & Roadside Flats column is an account of the "Boardwalk Anthem" recording session with fellow musicians Eric Pollard, Steve Garrington and Jake Hanson. The new column also explains the historical references in the song to Teague's hometown of Somers Point, New Jersey.

Read the column here at Budgeteer News.

Download the new single on iTunes

Teague Alexy - vocals
Eric Pollard - drums, piano
Steve Garrington - bass
Jake Hanson - electric guitar

Boardwalk Anthem is the first release from Teague Alexy's forthcoming 2017 album Circuit Sessions.

Levon Helm

Photograph by Roger D Evoy

Lyrics to Boardwalk Anthem
by Teague Alexy

Somewhere 'round the summer of '64 Levon and The Hawks put it down here
Something like three sets a night. That must've been something like a good year
Me and my crew on the corner talking 'bout the girl up the street with the blue eyes
She don't like boys from around here, yeah, what a surprise

It's not like I haven't been pushed around
A punch away from being knocked out before
In Somers Point, on the Jersey Shore

Deep in the shadows of the bright lights I'm running 'round working up a thirst
It's ninety-nine or nothing, you'd better get your moneys worth
I've been squeezing my heart, collecting the drops and hiding from the ghosts and the phantoms
'Son, you oughts keep it to yourself. All they wanna hear is boardwalk anthems'

Alright (repeat)

It's not like I haven't been pushed around
A punch away from being knocked out before
In Somers Point, on the Jersey Shore
It is a long way out the front door

The silver was gone soon as it crossed my palm. Believe me, I know your kind
You used to go down and vacation there. I paid for my mistakes with my summertime
This is for Smitty's and The Baggs and the boys bayside of the ninth street bridge
You can take the kid out of Jersey, but you'll never get the Jersey out of the kid

Alright (repeat)

It's not like I haven't been pushed around
A punch away from being knocked out before
In Somers Point, on the Jersey Shore
It is a long way out the front door (repeat)


Teague's Column - Wisecracks & Roadside Flats

Teague Alexy has a monthly column in Duluth Budgeteer called 'Wisecracks & Roadside Flats.' The newest episode of 'Wisecracks' is a chronicle of the 2010 Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank/Trampled By Turtles show in Rochester, MN. 

 illustration by Jeredt Runions

illustration by Jeredt Runions

Read the column here

See an archive of Teague's columns here 

 photo by Joshua Priestley  

photo by Joshua Priestley  

Also, check out Teague Alexy's illustrated book The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers



Ian Alexy Kickstarter Project

Ian Alexy Kickstarter Project

Ends October 9th

     Ian Alexy has launched a Kickstarter project to help fund the release of his forthcoming record which will be released in December.  The record was recorded with his backing group The Deserters who bring out new dimensions in Ian's sound.  You can pre order the record through the Kickstarter project.  You will not only be pre-ordering the release but you will also help create the record itself with your contribution. There are many other rewards available too.  Please check out the page by clicking the link below.  Thank you for the ongoing support.   

Take This Town from The White Wall Sessions

   Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank recently stopped by the popular television and web series The White Wall Sessions where Brothers Ian and Teague Alexy performed and sat down for an interview. The third performance, Take This Town, from Hobo Nephews White Walls Sessions has been released.

   Take This Town is from the new Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank album American Shuffle produced by Ryan Young of Trampled By Turtles.  


  Photo by T.S.T. Photography

Photo by T.S.T. Photography

The Wisdom Of King Joe Colli

Brand New Single! Now available on iTunes & Spotify.

The Wisdom of King Joe Colli is a ten minute musical version of the first story in Teague Alexy's new book: The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers. Alan Sparhawk (Low, Retribution Gospel Choir) sings the part of King Joe Colli. Charlie Parr sings the part of Don Von Braughan. Teague Alexy sings the part of narrator. The music is performed by The Feelin Band - Nicholas David on grand piano, Jeff Engholm on upright bass & horns, Paul Grill on drums, Teague Alexy on acoustic guitar & harmonica, Ryan Young on violins & viola. Cover illustration by Sally Flanagan.

The Wisdom of King Joe Colli is the fourth musical release of the seven stories in The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers. How Lefty Stepanovich Turned Water Into Wine, Old Lady Truth and Three Little Fish have been previously released. The New Tune Of Elijah Swoon, Old Rickety Bridge and Teufelo’s Tongue are yet to be released.

The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers available through NORTH STAR PRESS.

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Second Installment of Teague Alexy's New Column

The second installment of Teague Alexy's new column Wisecracks & Roadside Flats is now available at DuluthBudgeteer.com




The second installment of Wisecracks & Roadside Flats takes place in a bagel shop in Bend, Oregon visited by Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank while on tour. 

Wisecracks & Roadside Flats on Facebook

The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers

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New Monthly Teague Alexy Column in Duluth Budgeteer



Wisecracks & Roadside Flats - Duluth Budgeteer

Teague Alexy's new monthly column,  'Wisecracks & Roadside Flats', debuted in The Duluth Budgeteer this week.  The first installment of 'Wisecracks & Roadside Flats' is a humorous short story that takes place in Linwood, New Jersey. The short story is titled Under The Table And Screaming. 

Teague Alexy's recently published book 'The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers' is now available at North Star Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many fine independent book stores.

Wisecracks & Roadside Flats on FACEBOOK





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