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Over and Back Again - Digital Single


Consider It Correspondence and Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank have released “Over and Back Again” as a digital single. “Over and Back Again” was originally released  as part of the Hobo Nephews 2015 album American Shuffle.

This simple, yet meaningful, ballad about the cyclical nature of life was almost lost in the pages of Ian Alexy’s notebook. “At first it was just a chorus without the rest of the song,” Ian Alexy said. “So I moved on to write other songs. Then months later, flipping through the pages, I found the chorus and wrote the rest of the song in a flash.”

Take This Town - Streaming & Digital Single


Consider It Correspondence and Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank have released “Take This Town” as a digital single. “Take This Town” was originally released  as part of the Hobo Nephews 2015 album American Shuffle

“Take This Town” is a rambling tale of realization, romance and desperation written by Teague Alexy and accentuated by Hobo Nephews rollicking Americana energy. 

“Said I ran a few tolls, couple red lights.

They got my picture on satellite. 

Tonight will be fond farewell,

Fore I’m off along the hard luck trail”  

The hilarious “Take This Town” video was directed by Truvio and features Hobo Nephews alongside Albert Einstein and Al Capone among others. 

“From the first cigar of Al Capone, 

To the last cigarette of Sherlock Holmes.  

Cops and robbers, friends and lovers, 

From one end of Babylon to the other.” 

“Take This Town” is available wherever digital  music is sold. American Shuffle vinyl available in our web store. 

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Old Number Four - Digital Single Now Streaming

On April 22, 2015, Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank’s ode to quarterback Brett Favre, “Old Number Four”, was released as the opening track on the B side of their new album American Shuffle. CBS Green Bay (where Brett Favre played most of his career with the Green Bay Packers) were the first to rave about it.


    “Brett Favre has his own theme song...Old Number Four does a good job of summing up Favre's Ol’ Gunslinger mentality...As far as songs about retired NFL quarterbacks go, this is probably the best one.”  

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis quoted the Hobo Nephews as having written the song while the state of Minnesota was in mourning following Favre and the Vikings loss in the 2010 NFC championship game, and released a video of Brett Favre photos as a Minnesota Viking along with audio of Old Number Four.


“There are heroes and myth, mystic and lore,

But there’s never been nothing like Old Number Four...

You gave all you had, then you gave more.

They’ll never forget you Old Number Four”

By the following day, Old Number Four had been covered nationally by ESPN, NBC, FOX, CBS and more, including an epic rant on The Jim Rome Show.

    “Brett Favre apparently has an anthem. A couple of dudes in a coffee shop have dropped a song for the old gunslinger. These guys call themselves Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, which to me is perfect for the OG because the last time we saw that dude, he looked like he had been stowing away on a freight train with his napsack living off some sardines. This song is about when Uncle Brett was seeing better days. The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank were so moved by that immortal 2010 title game that they picked up their harmonicas and their guitars and they dropped a folk song about the folk hero.” - Jim Rome

Jim Rome, in his brazen way, hit it right on the head. One of a folk singer’s responsibilities is to sing folk songs about folk heroes. Woody Guthrie’s “Joe Dimaggio Done It Again,” or Bob Dylan’s “Catfish” are part of the tradition of American songwriters tapping into the romanticism we have with our sports heroes. Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank continue this folk music tradition on American Shuffle with Ian Alexy’s “Old Number Four” and Teague Alexy’s “The Day Billy Martin Quits.”

Old Number Four (Consider It Correspondence Records) is now available as a digital single wherever digital music is sold.


Green Bay Press Gazette - Favre Gets His Own Song With Old Number Four

Teague Alexy at Duluth Homegrown Music Festival 2019

photo by William Hurst

photo by William Hurst

One year after smashing a ceremonial guitar to bring the 20th Annual Homegrown to a close, Teague Alexy was all over the eight day long Festival in his adopted hometown of Duluth, Minnesota last week.

photo by Amber Nichols

photo by Amber Nichols

The first of Teague’s two official DHGF shows was alongside mandolinist Erik Berry to a sold out show at Cedar Lounge in Superior, WI. Teague and Erik played songs from their duo album Irish American alongside some Teague originals and a version of “Victory” by Erik’s band Trampled By Turtles.

Teague’s second #hgmf19 appearance was an early evening show with his band at Dr Robert Powless Cultural Center in downtown Duluth. The Duluth News Tribune recorded a version of Teague’s new, unreleased song “Captain.”

Duluth News Tribune Video 

Teague closed out the final night of the festival singing and playing harmonica at The Rex with Jacob Mahon and The Salty Dogs. Two Jacob Mahon originals, Teague’s “Ol’ John Doe” and an encore of Parliament’s “Can You Get To That” closed a triumphant set. 

photo by Amber Nichols

photo by Amber Nichols

photo by Amber Nichols

photo by Amber Nichols

Earlier in the week, Teague performed two unplugged morning shows at Duluth Coffee as part of Actual Wolf’s week long residency alongside Actual Wolf, Ian Alexy and Feeding Leroy, and joined ska band Woodblind for a lively version of Teague’s “Workingman’s Song” at Duluth Cider.

photo by William Hurst

photo by William Hurst


Teague’s smashed guitar on display at Canal Park Brewing, Duluth, MN.  



Ian Alexy's NYC, Philadelphia and hometown Somers Point solo shows


Ian Alexy is back on the east coast this week for three shows. Ian will be playing solo in New York City and Philadelphia for the first time as well as a return to his hometown of Somets Point, NJ. 

Ian returns to Silvana in NYC on Wednesday, February 20 where he played last year alongside his backing band The Deserters. Thursday, February 21 Ian will be performing at Gregory’s in his hometown of Somers Point, NJ.  (Ian’s past Gregory’s performances included guest appearances from members of Spilled Milk and guitarist Mike Smith. 🤔) Saturday, February 23 Ian will be performing solo in the city he was born. Ian Alexy co-bills the night with The Quixote Project at The Locks in Philadelphia. 


Teague Alexy debuts new songs, new instrument

photograph by Maxwell McGruder

photograph by Maxwell McGruder

Teague Alexy debuted a new guitar and some new original material during an opening set for renowned singer/songwriter Haley Bonar at historic Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, MN.

 ”It’s a two-string cigar box style guitar built by Dave Lynas up on the hillside,” Teague told KUMD 103.3 Duluth after the show. “I met Dave at a jam session out in Holyoke and he invited me to come to his house in Duluth and try some of these strange guitars he was building. I didn’t know what to think of this one when I saw it, but I fell in love as soon as I put my hands on it. Even though I didn’t know how to play it, I could feel songs inside.”

photo: KUMD, Maxwell McGruder


All proceeds from the evening benefited Minnesota Music Coalition’s artist programs. More info at


St Patrick’s Day with Teague Alexy & Erik Berry


Teague Alexy & Erik Berry kick off seven shows in four days with a live performance on KUMD 103.3 FM Duluth, MN at 1 pm CT Wednesday, March 14. 

Teague’s St Patrick’s Day Irish American playlist has everything from The Clancy Brothers to The Pogues to Sinead, Van, Cat Power, Justin Vernon, Zappa, Mingus and Johnny Cash. The playlist is built around Teague & Erik’s new album Irish American and perfect for St Patrick’s Day.  

Check it out on Spotify. 

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